NCVRW 2017 Virtual Art Show at TBCAC

At the Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center, we are excited for our plans for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week!

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW), is April 2nd–8th and this year’s theme is “Strength. Resilience. Justice.” NCVRW is celebrated throughout the country and is a week in which we are reminded of the strength and courage victims have. We are reminded to meet victims where they are, listen to what their needs are and understand how we might be able to help them in recovery and through justice. It is important that we are all aware that crime victims have rights and that we, as a community, come together to show our support to each victim where they are at. Victims of crime are all in different places in their healing process and cannot all be treated the same. This week also reminds us to keep fighting for victims everyday, as they are fighting a lifetime of pain and suffering.

We will be hosting a Virtual Art Show April 2nd-8th displaying artwork created by victims while they are at our Center for a forensic interview, counseling or ongoing supports.

At the TBCAC, therapists often use art with their clients to help them express feelings and ideas that may be hard to articulate with words. Art expression is a powerful way to safely contain, and create separation from, the terrifying experience of trauma without relying on verbal language to share one’s story. We asked some of the children and adolescents who come through our doors to contribute a piece of their art drawing for our show to be on display for the week. They were encouraged to express feelings they had about themselves, others in their lives, and activities that make them feel safe and strong. Pride and excitement were seen on their faces as they handed over their creations. Resilience exists within every child. It is built and supported by caregivers, therapists, and community members who encourage that light to shine brighter every day.

Since 2010, the Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center has reached over 1,200 children, 300 during last year alone. The TBCAC works with six counties in our region, each with its own particular team of organizations and resources working to help crime victims. We take pride in our teamwork and know that together, we are creating communities to provide the Strength, Resilience, and Justice that NCVRW embodies.

CLICK HERE to view our NCVRW Virtual Art Show on Facebook.